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CodySafe Admin Pack is a suite of portable applications, compiled to serve the needs of network administrators, computer maintainers and IT specialists. The suite is packed within CodySafe launcher, which makes it much more handy and convenient. The suite shall be preferably installed on a portable drive, which allows operation on any computer with no need to install any application. The main menu will automatically display most used applications, ranked according to the frequency of use. CodySafe Admon Pack allows also running pre- and post- operation scripts, which ensures higher security and productivity Applications are combined to the following categories: - System tools - Network Tools - Utilities - Files and FTP Management tools - Editors - System information tools - Password recovery tools - Data recovery tools - Privacy and Security tools - Disk tools Please keep in mind that the Admin Pack contains tools and applications that can be falsely identified by some Antiviruses as potentially infected. These Antivirus scanners may report that a program is infected with a Virus or Trojan, despite the fact that the program is free from any malicious code. This kind of problem is known as "False Positive" or "False Alert", and it's quite a common problem in some of the password recovery tools. You may find more information on the website

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